PT. Sigma Utama

Board of Commissioners


Pelaksana Tugas Komisaris Utama

Simson Freddy Simanjuntak

Independent Commissioner
Pelaksana Tugas
President Commissioner

Faisal Saimima

Born in Ambon on July 21, 1978, earned a Bachelor of Economics degree from STIE-YAI Jakarta in 2003. Began his career in 2002 at the Daily Newspaper and Pilar Magazine until 2004 and several other national companies until 2008. Active in the Youth Movement organization Ansor from 2008 until now, was then appointed as Commissioner of PT Sigma Utama on February 8 2020.

Independent Commissioner

Simson Freddy Simanjuntak

Born in Pekanbaru on February 2, 1973, earned a Bachelor of Agriculture from ST Thomas Medan Catholic University in 2001. He started his career in 2005 at PT OMET Leuser Medan as a Manager. Becoming an Expert in the DPR RI PDI Perjuangan Faction from 2014 to 2021 and appointed as Independent Commissioner of PT Sigma Utama on December 7, 2022 until now.

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