PT. Sigma Utama


Kamis, tanggal 25 April 2024 bertempat di ruang diklat PT Sigma Utama, Keluarga Besar PT Sigma Utama mengadakan acara silaturahmi dalam rangka halal bi halal hari raya Idul Fitri 1445 H dengan tema “Wujudkan Semangat Kebersamaan dalam Keberagaman”.

Starting the event, Benny Frengki Simanjuntak, President Director of PT Sigma Utama gave a speech. "On behalf of myself and as the Presidnet Director of PT Sigma Utama, I would like to express my sincere apologies “Minal aidhin wal faaiziin” and let us all forgive each other. "The theme of Creating the spirit of togetherness in Diversity is quite good. I hope this event will become a positive gathering event and strengthen family relationships for all of us and indirectly could support and strengthen the company organization," said Benny.

Further speech from Faisal Saimima, President Commissioner of PT Sigma Utama, explained that the history of Halal bi Halal when it was first held in Indonesia was to unite political elites which had different opinions and religions during the era of President Soekarno. The same thing can also be implemented at Sigma Utama so that it can improve work performance of all employees.

The event closed with a group photo and greetings from the entire Board of Commissioners, Director and employees of PT Sigma Utama.