PT. Sigma Utama


PT Sigma Utama held a product launch event for "Sigma Lumina Waterproof" on August 30, 2023, at the R&D Center of PT Sigma Utama. This event aimed to introduce the new decorative Waterproof product, which is a leak-resistant coating paint with the advantage of being extra elastic up to 6 times and environmentally friendly, to the public.

The product launch event was attended by Mr. Ignatius Warsito, the Director General of Chemical and Textile Industry at the Ministry of Industry, and Mr. Eko S.A Cahyanto, the Director General of Regional Resilience and International Industrial Access at the Ministry of Industry. Also present were the Board of Commissioners and Directors of PT Pupuk Indonesia Niaga as Shareholders, the Board of Commissioners of PT Sigma Utama, and other invited guests.

The launching event procession commenced with a painting demonstration using Lumina Waterproof paint on prepared surfaces, followed by a ribbon-cutting ceremony, symbolizing the official launch of Sigma Lumina Waterproof into the market.

"We hope that this launch event can serve as a platform to introduce PT Sigma Utama's new decorative product that will be marketed through retail channels and contribute significantly to the company's sales," said Benny Frengki Simanjuntak, CEO of PT Sigma Utama.

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