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On August 30, 2023, PT Sigma Utama launched its new decorative paint product, SIGMA LUMINA, aiming to expand the range of decorative paints offered by Sigma Utama. This addition complements the existing Sigma Utama decorative paint variants, including Lumina Weather Defender, Lumina Xparks, and Lumina Performance.

The new decorative paint product recently launched by Sigma Utama is called "WATERPROOF," specifically a Leak-Resistant Coating Paint. Lumina Waterproof is a leak-resistant coating paint known for its elastic properties, ability to cover hairline cracks, waterproofing capability, alkali resistance, protection against fungal and moss attacks, and exceptional weather resistance.  

"We are thrilled to introduce our innovative new product," said Benny Frengki Simanjuntak, CEO of PT Sigma Utama. "We believe Sigma Lumina Waterproof can compete effectively with similar products already in the market. Moreover, we hope that Lumina Waterproof, as a decorative product, can provide our customers with a superior alternative choice."

Sigma Lumina Waterproof comes in 7 captivating colors: Transparent, White, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Blue, Red, and Brown. Lumina Waterproof will be available for online purchase through PT Sigma Utama's website starting from September 1st this year and will also be marketed through retail channels.

Lumina Waterproof is highly suitable for coating exterior/terracotta walls, gutters, roofs, zinc, or galvalume surfaces. It is available in packaging sizes of 1 kg, 4 kg, and 20 kg, offering flexibility for various project sizes and needs.

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