PT. Sigma Utama


PT Sigma Utama held meeting of Company's Work Plan and Budget year 2024 on March 7-8, 2024, at The Highland Park Resort-Hotel Bogor. The meeting was attended by Board of Commissioners and Management of PT Sigma Utama. The theme of meeting is Aggressive Growth and Strong, it is aligned with the current condition of the company which continues to grow aggressively and is getting stronger in all aspects.

President Director of PT Sigma Utama, Mr. Benny Frengki Simanjuntak in his presentation at the opening of the meeting said that the Company's Work Plan 2024 must be achieved minimum 10% above the target.

Further The President Director said on his closing statement that “The fundamental thing to be able to realize the target of 2024 is to maintain cohesiveness and solidity between unit departments”.

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